Natural Honey Types

Various types of natural honey

By having full knowledge of the vegetation of different regions of Iran, and adequate use of the great variety of this vegetation, Yas (jasmine) Honey Collection has been developing, producing and harvesting a variety of natural honey that is offered in the form of both single-flower and multi-flower honey to its customers.

Having expert beekeepers, along with the use of today’s knowledge and management techniques, is another reason for offering the best quality products in high quantities and at affordable prices to our customers.

You can view more details about our products and the types of natural honey produced at the Yas Honey Center in the product catalogue section.

Bumblebee products

Along the production of various types of natural honey, Yas Honey Center has also begun the production of other products of the bumblebee. These products include propolis, royal jelly, natural pollen and natural honey comb.

Given that the medicinal and therapeutic use of products such as royal jelly, propolis and pollen have been proven, we have used more precision and effort in the field of production and harvest of these products, so we can be able to elevate our quality to reach our customer’s satisfaction a hundred percent.

The market competition and the lower end user price will never cause lower quality and we will continue to provide 100% natural products.

Beekeeping supplies

We are in direct contact with the beekeepers and need their expertise for the production and harvest of high quality and healthy products. In this regard, we also sought to meet their needs and provide them with affordable high quality beekeeping supplies.

The development of this section has led us to be the provider of all beekeeping equipment both within Iran and the neighboring countries.

Various machines for harvesting, purifying and packing of honey such as the extractor, dual source, filter and other beekeeping supplies such as clothes, hats, hives etc… are among our products.